Movie theaters have been closed since March because of the coronavirus crisis. Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet has been awaiting release, waiting for the theaters to reopen. Movie theater chains such as Cinemark, AMC, and Regal are about to reopen. There have been, however, ongoing debates regarding the safety protocols and measures that have to be followed.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic many films that were supposed to be released between March and June were all postponed. Certain films such as Greyhound and The King of Staten Island chose VOD release. Christopher Nolan was one of the few filmmakers who stuck to his release date

The release date had to be, however, postponed by two weeks. Branagh assured everyone that the film will be released only after it has been ascertained that the movie theaters are absolutely safe.

Branagh assured that the film will be released only if people are willing to accept to enjoy a “risk-free invitation to go to the cinema.” Tenet, he adds, is a remarkable film, “a great movie.”

Nolan stuck to the theater release schedule because he wanted Cinema to not lose its beauty. Branagh is hopeful that Nolan’s film will remind people of the beauty and value of movie theaters.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures