Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is the Senator of Texas state and has recently attempted to defend the fact that his family lately took a trip to Mexico despite a winter storm that left millions of citizens in his own state suffering from power as well as water shortage.

Ted Cruz informed on the 18th of February, Thursday that he had planned this concerned holiday trip for his daughters for the purpose of spending some time with his family and being a good father to his girls. However, as soon as he felt that it was not the right thing to do, he immediately returned to his state and helped his citizens.

Ted Cruz Tried To Make Amends

The photos of Ted Cruz, a Republican lawmaker, were clicked at an airport on Wednesday that has further fuelled the outrage of the common people at the way in which he has abandoned Texas at the time of a crisis.

Millions of Texas people had faced a shortage of water despite having water reservoirs very close to them.

In addition, the freezing temperatures had led to the power blackouts at the facilities of water treatment and resulted in the bursting of the water pipes that supplied water to the homes of the people even though there were attempts by people to insulate the pipe from the cold weather by way of using blankets.

Approximately 13 million people in Texas have been informed that they boil the water due to the reason that it might be contaminated.

Ted Cruz tried to defend the trip by saying that he regrets leaving town in such a grave situation and did so only for his daughters.

Although as long as he was away he was constantly in touch with his officials and staff who kept him updated with the regular updates regarding the situation.