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Sony PS5

In today’s digital landscape, technological advancements appear to be emerging at the speed of light as keeping up to date with the latest and greatest tech-related trends and developments becomes increasingly difficult with every passing year. It may seem like an impossible task but by knowing what to get excited about, you can plan ahead and anticipate associated risks. To differentiate between the tech updates that are unlikely to make a substantial impact and the tech updates you should know about this year, continue reading.

The introduction of the metaverse

It has been in the works for a number of years but this year is poised to be the year that sees the metaverse making its highly anticipated debut and revolutionising the internet as we know it in the process. It is, in the very simplest of terms, set to encompass a brand-new digital realm that combines both virtual reality and augmented reality with a seamless transition that includes gaming, e-commerce, social interactions, and education, just to name a few, soon to become the norm for a growing number of interested consumers. This progress has largely been bolstered by the likes of Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, and Microsoft SEO, Satya Nadella.

The mainstream adoption of mobile compatibility

In the past couple of years, mobile compatibility has grown and developed to the point where it has almost become the norm. In 2022, however, it is set to become commonplace throughout a wide range of global industries, sectors, and niches. A growing number of consumers are making the switch to communicating (Zoom) shopping (Amazon), and gaming at online casinos ( via their mobile devices as opposed to desktop devices. This will also materialise in line with the increasing popularity of remote video conferencing software and hybrid working practices as the number of employees working from home or on the go increases and, as a result, a need for mobile compatibility rises.

The digitisation of healthcare

It may not necessarily be a modern phenomenon but this year, healthcare is set to receive a digital update as a number of formerly manual tasks are revolutionised for today’s digital landscape. This will largely materialise due to the advent of Google Health, a fundamental health and wellness resource that allows users to examine their vital signs to not only improve daily fitness levels but also prevent medical accidents and emergencies. It was originally launched in 2006 but with a much-needed restart in 2018, it is now on track to achieve its long-term goal of ensuring searchable medical records are readily available and easily accessible through artificial intelligence, clinical tools, and relevant partnerships and collaborations.

In 2022, a number of tech updates are set to revolutionise the ways in which we live, work, and play forevermore. If you are interested in how this may impact your personal or professional life going forward, it includes the introduction of the metaverse, the mainstream adoption of mobile compatibility, and, last but not least, the digitisation of healthcare.