Taysom Hill
Taysom Hill

Everybody is totally aware of the fact that Drew Brees will start for the Saints once he recovers from his rib injury. However, Taysom Hills seems to have made his decision quite vocal. He made it clear that he can be the one starting as the quarterback for the NFL side.

Since Brees withdrew due to injury, it was Hills who took New Orleans to new heights. He has won three games in total for the team. The team won over the Falcons twice and once over the Broncos.

Performance Update Of Taysom Hill

Sunday was Hill’s best passing day from a professional point of view. With his Week13 Atlanta win and after having completed 27 passes out of 37 passes in total for 232 yards including the first two passing touchdowns he had in the NFL, there is no denying about the fact. Not only that, but Hill also ran 14 times for more than 80 yards tearing up the ground.

Later, in his interview with the Pro Football Talk, he stated that he was all ready to go full time in the NFL. He said that his coach, Sean Payton, is well aware of how he plays and that they have had conversations regarding him being a starter for full-time.

Initially, when Hill was named by Sean Payton as the starter for Week 11, there were doubts in the air. Questions were raised about him being a gadget player with a record of touchdowns that were thrown 33 times for the Buccaneers in the year 2019. Later, this was reported by the NFL Network who told Ian Rapoport that this step was taken by the coach to observe the performance of Hill. He just wanted to know how Hill would be performing as a starter.