Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has taken all her fans with a surprise by announcing the release of her 2008 ‘Fearless’ album on Thursday. She has taken this bold step as the first step in order to take back control over her earlier musical creations.

Swift took to her social media accounts to inform everyone that she will be releasing her own version of ‘Fearless’ in the month of April. On the other hand the very first track of ‘Love Story’ is going to be available to everyone from Thursday midnight.

Taylor Swift Reclaims Earlier Music

Taylor Swift expressed her excitement over sharing her first version of ‘Love Story’ with her fans as well as the forthcoming release of ‘Fearless’ due in April. She made this announcement on the ‘Good Morning America’ TV show.

After this, she made an Instagram post that this process of releasing re-recorded music of hers has been extremely emotional and fulfilling to her. Her fans are definitely thrilled with her upcoming releases.

Taylor Swift will be re-recording her teen hits including ‘Fifteen’, ‘You Belong With Me’, and 6 other unreleased tracks that could not make it to her 2008 breakout album.

The re-recorded versions will be quite similar to her original tracks. She is doing this to reclaim control over the licensing of her music for the purpose of movies, commercials, and other purposes. The re-recordings might also reduce the value of the original master tracks.

Swift has lost control of the master recordings of the first 6 albums after she ended the contract with the label Big Machine in 2019. The new owner then sold her master recordings to another privatized equity company for over $300 million.

She even wrote on Instagram that only an artist is aware of their body of work and must have control and authority over it.