Taylor Swift posts information about the Juneteenth from her social media accounts hoping to educate her followers on the significance of the day.

Tagging the day as “Freedom Day”, Swift goes on to elaborate on the history of the day and why Juneteenth should be a National Holiday. The singer posted a video featuring Danielle Young who explains Juneteenth and its importance as well. 

There’s more in store. The singer also writes that anyone working for her will get a holiday on June 19th, to honor the day. She mentions how she has educated herself on the interesting history of the day and wants to spread the knowledge.

The Juneteenth is all set to be a day of reflection and Swift’s video lesson comes at a great time. Her aim is to make more people aware of the day’s past. Her post also gives her followers a reason to take some time to reflect on their lives, to reform any racist vein in their bodies and proactively voice what’s right.

Swift also has been vocal about her opinion on Confederate monuments in Tennessee. In a social media post before this, Swift had announced that it made her sick to see monuments of racist figures like Nathan Bedford Forrest and Edward Carmack standing in her home state. After the monument issue gained ground, Taylor also said that “despicable” figures like these deserve such treatment.