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Metro Shut Down By Armenian Protesters

On Wednesday, protesters momentarily shut down the metro system in Armenia's capital. It was part of escalating anti-government agitation in recent days over prospective...
Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s Foundation Donates $1M To Graduating Seniors

Travis Scott, a hip-hop singer and entrepreneur, is once again assisting kids in completing their college degrees. Travis Scott continues to give back through...
Chip n Dale

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2022 Review

At first appearance, a live-action-animation hybrid film based on the late 1980s cartoon Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers, which was released on Disney+, appeared...
Night Sky

Night Sky 2022 Review

Franklin, played by J K Simmons, is attempting to take his wife Irene to bed in a scene from Amazon Prime's Night Sky. His...
Harry Styles

Harry Styles Talks About His New Project Harry House

Since his adolescent years in the boy band One Direction, Harry Styles has been on the road, performing on one global tour after another....