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riley june williams

Riley June Williams Arrested For Stealing House Speaker’s Laptop

Riley June Williams was arrested after a caller informed the police about a video. It shows Riley taking hard a drive or laptop from the office of Nancy Pelosi.
keystone xl pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline To Be Revoked By Biden

Keystone XL Pipeline, which has been under controversy for a long time is estimated to join an existing pipeline and fetch oil from Alberta, Canada, to Nebraska

Pardons To Be Issued By Trump On Tuesday

Pardon will be issued by President Donald Trump on his final day in office. The Senate will associate since President Trump was impeached last week by the House
ice cream

Ice Cream Containing Coronavirus Spark Concerns

Ice cream containing traces of Covid19 is raising questions among scientists as well as consumers. According to the authorities several samples have been tested
Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen Motivates Treasury To Work For Women, Workers, Minorities

Joe Biden, the President-elect, has chosen Janet Yellen for the position of the Treasury Secretary of the United States of America. In one of her...