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Nagorno Karabakh

Nagorno Karabakh Meet: Azeri Meets With Armenian Leaders

The leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed in a Brussels meeting on Sunday to work further on a peace plan for Nagorno Karabakh that...

Metro Shut Down By Armenian Protesters

On Wednesday, protesters momentarily shut down the metro system in Armenia's capital. It was part of escalating anti-government agitation in recent days over prospective...
Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s Foundation Donates $1M To Graduating Seniors

Travis Scott, a hip-hop singer and entrepreneur, is once again assisting kids in completing their college degrees. Travis Scott continues to give back through...
Chip n Dale

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2022 Review

At first appearance, a live-action-animation hybrid film based on the late 1980s cartoon Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers, which was released on Disney+, appeared...
Night Sky

Night Sky 2022 Review

Franklin, played by J K Simmons, is attempting to take his wife Irene to bed in a scene from Amazon Prime's Night Sky. His...