Syria says U.S. oil firm signed deal with Kurdish-led rebels By Reuters

©Reuters Fighters from SDF stand together in the town of Baghouz, Deir Al Zor province

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syria’s foreign ministry stated on Sunday that an American oil business had signed an arrangement with Kurdish- led rebels who manage northeastern oilfields in what it referred to as an unlawful deal focused on “stealing” Syria’s crude.

A ministry declaration, released on state media, did not call the firm associated with the deal with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance that took swathes of north and east Syria from Islamic State with U.S. aid.

There was no instant reaction from SDF authorities to a Reuters’ ask for remark. There was no instant remark from U.S. authorities onSunday

A U.S. senator and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had actually described an oilfields deal in between the SDF and a U.S. firm throughout a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing onThursday

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (NYSE:-RRB- stated throughout the committee hearing that SDF General Commander Mazloum Abdi notified him that a deal had actually been signed with an American business to “modernize the oil fields in northeastern Syria”, and asked Pompeo whether the administration was encouraging of it.

“We are,” Pompeo reacted throughout the hearing streamed live by PBS …

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