Several analysts at Wall Street have forecasted that the stocks of SWCH would be reporting a revenue statement of $130.72 million for the quarter. According to reports from Zacks, five investment analysts have already issued the estimated range on the earnings of the company. The ball has been rolled at a sum of $129 million, which has the potential to reach $131.97 million. The company did, in fact, post a revenue statement of $120.55 million the previous year, so this is indicative of an annual growth rate of about 8.4%. SWCH would be posting its next earnings results on the 25th of February.

The Quarterly Estimates of SWCH

The stocks of SWCH posted their previous quarterly results on the 5th of November. The EPS reported by the company for the quarter was $0.05, which was more than the consensus estimate of about $0.04. The company also has a 2.03% net margin, along with a 2.72% return on its equity. The revenue earned by the company for that quarter was $128.79 million, which was slightly less than the consensus estimate of about $129.14 million. 

There have been quite a few research firms that have commented on the stocks of SWCH. Credit Suisse Group has already dropped the price target on the company from $23 to $21, along with a rating of outperform on the stocks. This was then published in a note on the 16th of October.

Jefferies Financial Group has increased the shares of the company from a rating of hold to a rating of buy, along with the price target set at $22. TheStreet has increased the company’s shares like Jefferies, with a rating moving from d to c, in a November 6th research report. In the end, Zacks Investment also went ahead and decreased the rating of SWCH from hold to sell. 

One research analyst covering SWCH has already given it a rating of sell, while eight of them have issued a rating of buy. Currently, the company has a rating of buy, with a price target set at $20.95.