Susan Rice
Susan Rice

President-elect Joe Biden made a very shocking move this week. He chose Susan Rice to be the leader of the Domestic Policy Council of the White House. This is viewed as an important move in order to strengthen some major “build back better” policies of the President-elect Joe Biden. Some of those policies include health care, fighting the COVID 19 pandemic, immigration, and racial injustice.

How Will Susan Rice Contribute To Joe Biden’s Administration?

Susan Rice is the former ambassador to the United Nations of the Barack Obama administration. She has also been the National Security Advisor of the former President. Rice is a very skilled official concerning foreign policies.

Rice will be very effective in raising the bars of Joe Biden’s administration concerning the high-profile and allies in the Domestic Policy Council.

The 56-year-old Rice will soon be joining the prominent presidential adviser’s list. Others who are included are James Baker from the Republican party and Leon Panetta from the Democrats. They will both be executing the required foreign policy and domestic roles.

Susan Rice was previously considered to be the running mate for the post of vice-president for Biden. Not only that, but she was also expected to be the secretary of state. Whatever work she will be carrying out in the White House, it will avoid the supposed bruising confirmation hearing of the Senate.

Whatever Susan Rice got chosen for by the President-elect was something different from what was generally expected. A post in the cabinet of Joe Biden was what people had expected for her. This was because of her experience as well as her personal relationship with Biden. Biden is believed to be someone who prioritizes personal ties and they do share a very strong bond of friendship.