Supreme Court
Supreme Court

The Supreme court said a big no to the efforts of President Donald Trump with regard to the interference with the election ballots on Friday. The attorney general of Texas under the influence of President Trump had tried to put a block in the ballots of all the voters. Millions of them supported President-elect Joe Biden, hailing from the battleground states. All of this originates from the defiance of President Trump concerning the results of the Presidential elections.

Supreme Court Rejects General Ken Paxton’s Legal Bid

The Supreme Court, by dismissing the challenge has answered strongly to the intentions of President Trump. They have clearly shown that they will not be allowing the President to mess up with the results of the 2020-Presidential election in the court. Furthermore, the justices who were appointed by the President himself have displayed their unwillingness towards continuing the legal bids of Trump.

President-elect Joe Biden’s big win will be affirmed by the Electoral College after they convene, this Monday.

General Ken Paxton, the attorney general from Texas, who took the legal bid to the Supreme Court, is a huge supporter of President Trump. He intended to go against Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. The residents of all of these states are supporters of Joe Biden. General Paxton was aiming to turn all of their votes null and void.

Succumbing to the pressure of a fading chance for his dreams, President Trump, along with the support of some GOP lawmakers and the attorneys of the Republic party, made an effort to involve the Court this week.

Steve Vladeck, a professor from the University of Texas Law, and a CNN analyst of the Supreme Court stated that the decision was given from the perspective of law.