Supreme Court
Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has come under fire for altering the way most cases are decided upon in the last few years by Congress. It has been stated that the SCOTUS doesn’t actually justify or acknowledge the shift that has taken place in its decisions. 

Supreme Court’s Shadow Docket’ Policy Has Been Ruffling A Few Feathers

According to experts, the Supreme Court utilizes what is called a ‘shadow docket’, which is simply a rushed decision-making system that completely foregoes the normal procedure of appeals. In most cases, the highest judiciary center in the country has issued opinions in the dead of the night while opting out of listening to arguments or even putting up facts. There have been certain incidents where the normal public has had to guess how or why a particular law was moved out of existence, and who was it that co-authored the change in the first place. 

This is what led to the House Judiciary Committee setting up a discussion Thursday to see if they could actually do something to alleviate this problem. This becomes all the more important for people who are usually not aware of the fact that Congress can actually force the Supreme Court to bring out certain cases and make it possible for them to not listen to certain others.

There have been instances when legislators have decided the courts have been actively using a lot of power that is not needed. In fact, they have taken away the power from the courts to safeguard due process. Although it is pretty evident why progressives usually hate this law, it is also a reminder that the judiciary can always be reined in when they get out of hand. 

The hearing on Thursday made something clear- there is no clear answer to this problem. The houses have asked sharp questions to the witnesses and experts about the shadow docket policies- but it needs to be seen how far can they rein in the Supreme Court now.