superman and lois
superman and lois

Superman And Lois, a brand new television series, premiered on CW on Tuesday. The DC comic characters are known as the most iconic couple in the entire comic universe. And a lot has been shifted ever since they were seen on the screen last time. Both of them are now parents to two teenage boys who are quite different. Both the journalist and superhero are now part of Metropolis’s rat race. But they slow down due to Martha Kent’s death. Martha is Superman’s mother. And it forces the family to slow everything down. 

Tyler Hoechlin plays Superman (Clark Kent), and Lois is played by Elizabeth Tulloch. In Superman And Lois, when the hero’s mother dies, her funeral leads his way back to his hometown of Smallville. The town has also got into a couple of unfortunate changes over time. The place is in desperate need of some kind of savior. And that does not include Adam Rayner’s character Morgan Edge. He has already caused troubles in Lois’s workplace. 

Clark decides to blow up the news to his children when he realizes that his abilities might have passed down to either of his children. What news? Well, the secret that every audience knows, but not the citizens in the world. And both his children do not take it well at all as they began questioning themselves and their problems. 

The Stars Spoke About Their Roles In Superman And Lois

Tyler Hoechlin has previously worn the super suit that makes people go crazy about the comic book hero. But he also gained widespread attention for starring in the MTV Teen Wolf. He recently spoke about his role in Superman And Lois, especially of being fathers to twins. He said that he was an “old soul.” He wasn’t sure why, but he said he has always felt as such. He also said that he had natural chemistry with his costar. Hence, all of the parenting came up naturally. 

He also said of his fictional children that their reaction might not necessarily affect his character as much in Superman And Lois. Nothing affects Clark “anymore.” But they do affect his children and wife. He concluded that it wasn’t anyone’s fault that Clark is Superman.