Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad Director, James Gunn has been a constant on Twitter these past few days. And the reason is his upcoming release, The Peacemaker which a standalone film that extends into the Suicide Squad Universe. The film has not even hit the theatres that the director is off passing on more intriguing information.

The extended DC universe might just extend a little more as Gunn hints that there is a possibility of more spin-offs beyond the Peacemaker. It shows that Gunn might not be ready to let go of his amazing and wild set of characters from the 2016 original just yet.

Talking about his upcoming release, Gunn states that viewers are not required to watch the original Suicide Squad to understand the Peacemaker.

The Suicide Squad Universe Has Other Films In Line After ‘The Peacemaker’

According to the latest news, other characters might also be included into the Suicide Squad Universe. The DC Comics has its own set of movies. But Warner Bros. has invested a lot into the new extended family of DC Comics. So, it is no brainer that this Universe is going a long way.

After news of the Peacemaker’s release was official, director Gunn shared his excitement related to the project. He talked about how this movie is a fresh opportunity for him to delve into global issues that are affecting the world currently through a moral or Superhero/Supervillain lens. He said that these varying perspectives of the villain, hero and the douchebag are what gives the film an interesting approach.

John Cena who will be seen playing the Peacemaker in the movie also shares his excitement regarding his upcoming venture. In a statement he shares that he cannot wait for his fans to watch him play this amazing yet complex character who is born out of James’ vision as a filmmaker.