Success! NASA Just Launched Perseverance on Its Mission to Mars

A rocket bring NASA’s most enthusiastic Mars rover yet has launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, though its vital journey through area is just starting.

The Perseverance rover and its landing device is jam-packed inside the top of a 197- foot Atlas V rocket at Cape Canaveral, Florida, Thursday early morning. At 7: 50 am ET, the rocket’s boosters fired and heaved it off the launchpad, starting a high-stakes, hour-long rocket trip to the orbital course to provide the robotic to Mars.

If it makes it through the journey ahead, the $US2.4 billion mission’s car-size rover will scan and drill Martian rock for indications of alien life, launch the first-ever interplanetary helicopter from its tummy, and test innovations that human beings will require to make it through on the Red Planet. X5lGlDOfg

The rocket should finish a series of intricate manoeuvres as it speeds through Earth’s environment, rejecting external layers and shooting engines at the best minutes to push Perseverance onto its course to Mars.

The launch will not be a success till the rover’s spacecraft separates from the rocket’s upper phase and departs on its seven-month journey throughout interplanetary area.

Here’s how the launch must continue:

  • Liftoff, 7: 50 am ET
  • Jettison strong rocket boosters, 7: 51: 49 am
  • Jettison payload fairing, …

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