Subway Tuna
Subway Tuna

The lawsuit that was filed against Subway, the fast-food chain, made a big revelation. The Subway tuna, both sandwiches, and salad, which is one of the items among the plethora of others, is questioned on its genuinety. It is claimed that the item is not made out of any sort of real fish.

As per the complaint, Subway tuna does not include any form of fish at all. It is claimed that the item is prepared out of different types of concoctions that are not related to tuna in any manner. te concoctions are mixed together and by certain kinds of defendants. These defendants imitate tuna’s appearance.

Subway Tuna Scam

The lawsuit against the Subway tuna was made at the District Court of the United States of America, last week. It was done so for the Northern District of the state of California. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two California residents, Nilima Amin, and Karen Dhanowa. They are represented by the law firm, Lanier, and Alex Brown as the attorney.

The statement that is mentioned in the lawsuit is that both Nilima and Karen were tricked by the fast-food chain. It said that Subway tuna lacked the main ingredient, tuna itself. The two had made the purchase due to that very ingredient which was absent. This was done on the basis of the labeling of the food item.

The lawsuit further claims that the companies mislead the consumers consistently with regard to the products that are advertised as healthy or significant. And this is exactly what happened with Subway tuna. The benefits of tuna had been adversities, however, it was not used in the making. The consumers are not delivered the appropriate items as against the advertisements and claims.