While it is true that you need money for investment plans, it’s false that you need a ton of money. The stock market has many companies where you can invest in smaller amounts. Currently, there are 3 great stocks under $500 that you should invest in right now. 

Stock Market Investment Plan: Stocks Under $500


Yes, you heard it correctly. You can look at the investment plan in this tech giant for just $125 per share. Did you know that the tech category in the stock market makes up for around 7 percent of the S&P 500’s index? 

With the new iPhone launch, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Stock is very likely to improve further. 

Currently, around 950 million people use iPhones. Research says that around 350 million of the current iPhone users will upgrade to the latest Apple model. This number alone should assure you to invest in this stock market company. 

Sea Limited 

Since the pandemic hit, many businesses have plummeted. The sector that seems to have survived this trying times deal with e-commerce, digital programs, and online gaming. And, all this is combined in Sea Limited. It’s an excellent stock under $500 investment plan. 

Teladoc Health 

The healthcare industry stock is currently trading at $218. Moreover, the telehealth sector is booming right now. The pandemic has proved that traditional healthcare systems are not enough. It’s most likely that this stock market sector will continue to flourish even after the pandemic ends. 

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