Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The stimulus package of 900 billion USD was held up by President Donald Trump nearly for a week. According to the sources, the stimulus package just got signed off by President Trump. What is also included in the package is the 600 USD stimulus check. The first ones to be receiving the payment will be those who have their required payment information with the IRS.

Previously, the relief bill was termed as an unsuitable disgrace by President Trump. That was because the bill contained the stimulus check of 600 USD as opposed to 2000 USD. Following the incident, President Trump made a demand to the legislators to increase the figure in the check to 2000 USD per person.

Is $2000 Stimulus Check On Board?

The relief bill of 6000 USD has already been turned into law. However, this does not mean that people will only be receiving this amount. According to sources, there is a push to pass a stimulus check of a handsome amount.

The voting for 2000 USD is getting planned by the House. It is to take place on Monday. President Trump also gave a statement on this. He said that the process to increase the money of the stimulus check to the stipulated amount would also be started by the US Senate.

The Republican leaders stand against the measure to provide a high amount in the stimulus check. It is yet to be seen if the larger checks will be agreed to get authorized. Mitch McConnel, the leader of the majority of the Senate, gave a statement this Sunday. Therefore, he did not mention anything concerning any plans of considering the legislation. Nothing was said by him on if the House will pass the bill or not.