Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The coronavirus relief aid that had been passed by the US Congress has again been frozen for now. This incident took place on Thursday. The 2000 USD stimulus check bill was rejected by the House Republicans. It was the Democrats who wanted the bill to get passed.

There is a reason why the Democrats increased the amount in the stimulus checks. It was because of the threat given by President Donald Trump. The President had clearly stated that the 2 trillion USD relief aid would not get his approval. He also threatened to veto the federal funding. His reasons for doing so was because the amount to be given in the funding was not sufficient. President Trump wanted the financial figure of the stimulus check to be 2000 USD as opposed to 600 USD.

Complications Concerning The Stimulus Check

The proposal was passed by Congress on Monday. President Trump did not seem to take any role in the proposal talks for weeks prior to the approval. In the plan, the amount for the coronavirus relief aid was 900 billion USD.

The House made an effort for the passage of the payment amounting to 2000 USD. This was during the session of Pro-forma. the meeting took place on Christmas Eve. It was a brief one, the members of which were very limited. The measure was aimed by the Democrats to get the consent approved unanimously. What this means is that it can be blocked by any legal agent.

Steny Hoyer, the Rep. had made an offer for the proposal from the floor of the House. However, it failed to get any approval. It was because the measure failed to achieve the approval of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader of the House.