Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The negotiators of the US Congress are about to confirm the coronavirus-induced economic relief package of 900 billion USD. This is mainly to help the businesses that were among the worst-hit following the coronavirus pandemic. The weekly jobless checks would be 300 USD. And the much-talked-about stimulus checks 2 would be 600 USD. This still has not been officially confirmed though.

it is a known fact the talks of stimulus check 2 has been going on for quite a while now. However, they are coming to an end now. This is possible as the combatants of the Capital Hill finally agreed to reach a compromise. However, they have their own reasons for doing this. A compromise now paves their way into materializing their ambitious Democratic laws in the future. This would complete the relief package number2 following the pandemic.

Delay Of Stimulus Check 2

The announcement that was to be made on Wednesday, could not take place. However, the legislators did give a gist of the relief aid including the stimulus check 2.

There has not been any other relief aid that was made possible by the authorities of the US since March. The last one to come out was the CARES Act in that month. It brought about the aid of 1.8 trillion USD. It also paid the individuals directly and extended jobless benefits of the generous amount.

The reason why stimulus check 2 seemed a distant dream was because of the clashing opinions of the two parties of the US. The Democrats had been voicing their opinions for relief since March. They have constantly demanded the federal officials to provide relief aid in order to tackle the pandemic issue. While the Republicans, on the other hand, have had a very different strategy to tackle the issue. They wanted to go for measures that would avoid the stacking of the debt of the US govt. amounting to 27 trillion USD. To do this, the Republicans wanted to reopen the economy.