Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

After a lengthy, delayed, and prolonged discussion with regard to the coronavirus relief package, Congress finally reached a decision. They finalized the stimulus bill of a total of 900 billion USD. This finalization took place on Sunday. The stimulus bill is initiated in order to support the drowning economy and the health-care system of the country, following the coronavirus pandemic.

Who All Are Included In The Stimulus Bill?

The announcement on the stimulus bill was made by leaders of the Congress. The bill will be providing many with federal assistance. The receivers include the providers of health-care, small businesses, and households. This is the only time out of all these months that the aid is being provided. There will also be 1.4 trillion USD, which will be given to the government. The text of legislation concerning the bill is yet to be released. It is said to be passed within a day.

Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the Senate spoke on the matter on the floor of the Senate. He said that the bipartisan committee had finally agreed on the aid that was much awaited and needed by the country. This statement came from him on Sunday.

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, and Chuck Schumer, the Minority leader of the Senate, too gave their statements. Addressing the plan, they said that the financial aid would go a long way in saving the livelihood and lives of the citizens of America. Especially with rising the infected cases, it would be really helpful. Both of them also said that the plan was inadequate. The speaker and the minority leader further mentioned that they would go more relief package plans. This would happen on the 20th of January. That is the day President-elect Joe Biden would be taking the position of the official President.