stephen curry
stephen curry

Stephen Curry was confident that he was at his best this season. And he proved himself in his last game against the Mavericks. The Warriors entered the season, yearning for the best of their player, and he did deliver. He did expect it as he had trained vigorously for his strength as well as speed. The top player will turn 33 years old the following month. And anyone on his team or a spectator can say that his prime is yet lingering in his reputation. 

The Warriors are today as bullish as they have ever been on Stephen Curry following his incredible play on their match. He scored a whopping 57 points, leading the team to win the game with 134 against a 132 with Mavericks. The match took place in Dallas on Saturday. The legendary player missed his first three shots of scoring. But following that, he took a turn and then pulled the Warriors out of their streak, right into victory, while also torturing the Mavericks for their lives. 

Steve Kerr On Stephen Curry’s Game

Steve Kerr, the coach of the Warriors, said of his star player that Stephen Curry has never “played better.” He also mentioned Curry’s reputation, saying that they were talking of a champion who has bored the title thrice and an MVP twice. Kerr went on a rave, saying that he had never seen the sports star quite like this before, and he looked incredibly strong. Their coach went on and called the 32-year-old player “incredible” at shooting. But this time, he added, he looked stronger not just at that, but at everything else as well, like fending other players, dragging them to the rim, and then finishing it with making a fantastic shot.

Kerr also said about Stephen Curry that it was “unfathomable” what the player was doing on the ground.