Stay-At-Home Order
Stay-At-Home Order

Stay-at-home order in California lifted by Gov. Gavin Newsom is welcomed by the business community. However, the decision was received with much skepticism by health officials. They expressed their concerns about a probable rise in the ever-growing number of new cases due to it. But it was a relief to many.

Stay-At-Home Order Forceful Implementation

The stay-at-home order was implemented last December in California when there was a spike in the amount of Covid-19 cases. The holiday season was around the corner. Hence, the anticipation of people going out to celebrate forced the Governor to implement a stay-at-home order.

The State was then dissected in five regions by Gov. Newsom. This was done for better monitoring of ICU capacity and handling the pandemic. The data made public by Newsom currently regarding the ICU capacity in different counties show an improvement. But experts are doubtful about it since the analysis that went into the making of such conclusive statistics was not provided when asked.

With a stay-at-home order off, Californian restaurateurs hope to make up their losses incurred due to the pandemic. Restaurants can now serve food to the diners. Though gyms, bars, and wineries that don’t serve food are barred from reopening. Religious, worship-places, and beauty salons can reopen too. Restrictions and details regarding what businesses can reopen have been prepared carefully and issued for strict abidance.

The Coronavirus that hit hard globally has affected several economies drastically. California, too, is battling against it, with 23,000 new cases, and 504 deaths per day

The numbers, despite coming down since last month, are still high. The decision to remove the stay-at-home order at such a juncture remains debatable. But leaders are trying. They are pushing the public for more physical interaction on one side. In comparison, trying to help the economy get back on track, gradually.