There have been close to 700,000 Coronavirus positive cases in the US, based on a tally by Johns Hopkins University. President Donald Trump has come up with a detailed strategy following which States could come out of lockdown sooner than expected. According to current projections, there has been a nationwide reduction in the number of positive cases, excepting the few hard-hit regions. 

There has been a significant increase in the screening in order to reduce the transmission of the virus, as well. 

States Weigh Reopening Immediately after President Trump Unveils Phased Plan

According to Trump’s proposal, there will be a phased reopening. At the same time, steps will be taken to keep the transmission at a minimum. Of course, the lockdown won’t be lifted overnight. But there will be a steady reopening of economies. Especially since not all the states have been affected in the same magnitude. 

Citizens have been asked to be mindful of their environment. They can also telecommute when possible.

No detailed timeline has been provided. However, states seem to be reconsidering the prolonged lockdown and are willing to lower the constraints as well.