Spike Lee: “The Foundation Of The United States Of America Is Immoral From The Get-Go”

Spike Lee, the leftist Hollywood director, just said that the inspiration of America was “immoral from the get-go,” having been built on genocide and slavery.

Lee: Black Americans Still Do Not Have “A Full Citizenship”

During an interview with Joe Madison on his SiriusXM radio show, Lee said that the inspiration of the United States of America “is immoral, from the get-go.”

Lee claimed that the “foundation has been shaky from day one,” because “this country was based upon the stealing of the land from native people and genocide against native people, coupled with slavery. That is how this country was built. How many of us were not taught that George Washington owned 23 slaves? This whole narrative, a large part of it, is a lie.”

Lee said that while black Americans have “been patriotic for this country from day one,” and have been living in the nation for “401 years,” they still have “not got, you know, a full citizenship. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be getting shot down in the street left and right.”

The means to fix this, needless to say, is to “fundamentally change every thing [from] top to bottom,” instead of some reform, as could be the usual case with the most well-liked fixes from Hollywood leftists.

“This gap that was exposed, not to the have-nots, but to the haves, has to be shrunk across the board, health care, economics, education. We cannot go back to normal, because normal was effed up,” he continued.

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Leftist Race-Baiters Don’t Know Anything About This Country’s History!

Lee wore a hat with “1619” written about it, an apparent reference to the New York Times’s revisionist “1619 Project,” that was kicked off by an essay that claimed the country was founded to defend slavery. It included such blatant and basic errors, such as that the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th 1776, when signing actually began on August 2nd.

These will be the people who inform you that you’re racist for doing only being born white. They have no clue about how exactly this great country was founded, and want to lie about your history. Spike Lee should open an elementary school history textbook about the United States of America and commence reading, instead of spouting nonsense on the airwaves!

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