Spandau Ballet star comes to Singapore man’s rescue in radio row | World news

A quiz contestant in Singapore has prevailed in a battle with a radio station that denied him a money prize over his pronunciation of the Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley’s title – after successful assist from the movie star himself.

Muhammad Shalehan emailed Hadley after being refused the S$10,000 (£5,750) prize on the grounds that he had mispronounced Hadley’s title in a contest in which callers should establish celebrities in a sound clip.

In a letter titled “A normal citizen from Singapore needs your dear help, Mr Tony Hadley,” he requested the singer to be the choose.

“To my shock, he replied and even recorded a video endorsing my pronunciation of his name. That was my last fighting chance,” mentioned the 32-year-old prepare driver.

Shalehan obtained Hadley’s response in a video message that backed his declare to the prize. “I’ve listened back to the tape and as far as I’m concerned you pronounced my name absolutely correctly,” Hadley, 59, mentioned in the video, which Shalehan posted on Facebook.

Hadley mentioned there could have been a slight accent, “but as far as I’m concerned you said my name correctly, so you should be entitled to whatever the prize was”.

The radio station supplied Shalehan a S$5,000 “token of appreciation” for his enthusiasm, however he refused to give in, arguing that even Hadley had stood up for him.

On Friday the station agreed to pay the complete quantity and fund a procuring journey too.

“Justice has been served. That’s the most important thing,” Shalehan mentioned.

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