Solar Storm
Solar Storm

Space X was just two seconds from launching a prototype until there was a mishap on Tuesday. The launch of the prototype, Starship, failed due to some glitch in the engine which led to the cancellation of the liftoff.

There was a signal given from the SpaceX mission control room at the mark of 1.3 seconds during the countdown. The signal said, “Raptor abort”.

Details About SpaceX Prototype SN8

According to the company, the launch would be paused until it would be attempted on Wednesday and Thursday. SpaceX said that the Serial Number 8 Starship prototype or SN8 would fly at the height of around 41,000 feet. This is as high as 12.5 km. This flight is the grandest one of SpaceX until now. What makes this special is that it is the highest flight attempted by the company after that of the two 500-foot tests earlier in 2020. Those were the SN5 and the SN6.

It is to be noted that the real goal behind the SN8 has nothing to do with the height it is supposed to fly at. The real goal is to make some tests about the different key parts of the system of Starship.

SpaceX has left a clear explanation about their motive with the SN8 on their website. It is stated that the flight is designed keeping in mind a bunch of things. Those include the management of the propellant transition, and also to see how the Raptor engines carry out to the vehicle’s overall aerodynamic entry capabilities.

The Starship SN8 is made entirely of stainless steel. It represents the previous version of the rocket that was unmasked by the SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk. The end goal of the company is to send about 100 people to visit Mars and the Moon.