The Governor of South Carolina announced that the schools of the state would remain closed for the rest of the year. This announcement was made in response to the thousands of letters and mails that concerned students, their parents, and the local communities sent to the various schools. 

“Thank you for making this difficult decision, but you made the right decision,” Educational Superintendent Molly Spearman told the governor. “In this pandemic, we have been able to carry on very good instruction. Our buildings will not open for the rest of the year but instruction will carry on.”

Online teaching would still continue till the end of the semester, which is May for most but June for some. The Governor also issued ordinances that would make it quite flexible for students with special classes and training required to attend their classes. There are also talks about parent-teacher meetings while following proper social distancing protocol. 

The Educational superintendent has decided to create a task force that would see to it that the new school year starts functioning without any trouble whatsoever. Also, the main issue would be to make things safe for students to come and enjoy.