Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is one of the most promising actors in Hollywood. She has appeared in a number of great movies. Her most significant works include ” Dark Phoenix” and “Game Of Thrones”. However, the actress has recently opened up about her latest fears. In an episode of ” The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Turner stated that she is afraid of celebrities.

As amusing as this may sound, Sophie is terrified about it. Sophie explained in the interview that she becomes very nervous and tense around eminent celebrities. Sophie narrated an incident when Kendall Jenner invited her to a party. The party was supposed to take place after the Met Gala. However, she became nervous and declined Kendall’s offer. Elaborating on her refusal, Turner said she wanted to attend the show. Instead, she failed to garner the courage to show up.

The actress also praised Kendall stating that she seemed more gorgeous in real life. When she was asked about what she did instead of going to the party, Sophie Turner came up with an interesting answer. She said that she sulked on the bed and munched on pasta. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Sophie Turner Refused Kendall Jenner 

Sophie Turner admitted to refusing an invitation from Kendall Jenner recently. Sophie said that she does not want to interact a lot with famous stars. Neither does she like attending glamorous parties.

The actress appeared at the Met Gala this year with Joe Jonas. The duo has been married for quite a while now. 

Sophie Turner flaunted her adorable baby bump at the award ceremony. Turner and Jonas are currently expecting their second kid.

Sophie confirmed the news recently and seemed very much excited about embracing motherhood all over again.