At a time when most of us are locked indoors because of the pandemic, spending time in the kitchen is something, which all of us are doing. Everyone wants to eat well and kill time during the pandemic. We also want to cook attractive dishes and post the same on our social media profiles to garner likes and comments.  

Spending a long time in the kitchen is really difficult, so we often look for recipes that are delicious and easy to cook at home. Sometimes it becomes an urgent need that you have to make something very quickly and get ready for something else. In such a case, you really need to know how to cook food very quickly.  

Now, we need to understand that cooking needs time; hence we need to look for easy recipes; hence I will be telling you some very delicious but easy recipes. Such recipes can be quick and delicious, here I will tell you about such recipes which will be tasty to eat but easy to cook.  

Some Quick And Delicious Recipes You Can Try Making In Your Kitchen 

There are some delicious recipes that you can try making at home, such as the ones which I am going to mention below, right here. You just need to be patient enough to note down the following, which is given below,  

  1. Spicy Cheese French Toast-  

Cheese sandwiches are yum, then imagine how yum would be the cheese french toast dipped in tomato ketchup or while mayonnaise. This is a very quick recipe for breakfast; if you wish to make this for kids, then I must tell you that this is very healthy for your kids. It can also be a midnight snack for your children, and it is very easy to make.  

  1. Chilli Veg–  

One vegetable which I think everyone loves is the cabbage or the cauliflower, and both can be eaten for lunch or dinner. Hence it is a very good idea to make chili veg, for which you need to cut the veggies first and then boil it and then simply use some chilly flakes and some more spices to toss the vegetable.  

  1. Yogurt Pudding–  

Well, this might not be as healthy as we consider it to be, but it is healthy for the children, they love yogurt. Yogurt pudding has very little fat, and it is very healthy for the ones who wish to make a quick breakfast. Mostly yogurt pudding is used as a dessert, but then it can also be consumed as breakfast too.  

  1. Cottage Cheese Gravy-  

Cottage Cheese is very good for health, and especially those who are vegetarian can have cottage cheese as a major source of protein. Hence the cottage cheese can be a very good source of dairy and protein, and it is healthy for people of all ages provided you just don’t cook that very oily. It is very important that you cook the food properly before you eat it, and it is very important that you do not deep fry the cottage cheese.  

  1. Chocolate Cake-  

There is some chocolate cake which everyone loves to eat, so you can eat sugarless chocolate cake. The sugarless chocolate cake is actually very tasty, and you can have it as a dessert, and it will not harm your health by any means. Hence the chocolate cake can also be made with the least oil and butter if you are an expert.  


Cooking is difficult, and for many, it is as difficult as having the basic understanding of bitcoin, so while you make easy recipes and save some time. Cooking can also be a great way to unwind after a long day staring in your computer screens. If you are not someone who enjoys cooking, you can always pick up other interesting hobbies like crypto trading to pass your time, earn a new skill and open up a little side income on the website.