Some Coronavirus Patients Report They’re Losing Excessive Amounts of Hair

More than 2 months after she checked favorable for the coronavirus, Peggy Goroly saw she was losing clumps of hair in the shower.

The loss of hair began around the 2nd week of June, three-plus months after her signs appeared.

Goroly, a 56- year-old Long Island local, does not feel recuperated. She’s been ill because March 5, with signs consisting of tiredness, brain fog, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath. She has a hard time to climb up stairs or walk the supermarket without getting winded.

The loss of her hair on top of that, she informed Business Insider, is “quite traumatic”.

But she understands she’s not the only one. Goroly comes from a Facebook support system for COVID-19 patients. Members typically crowdsource recommendations about their lasting signs.

“I went on there one day and someone had posted, ‘Is anybody losing hair?’ And people were actually showing clumps of hair in their hand,” Goroly stated. “So I know I’m not crazy now.”

Her 23- year-old child, who checked favorable for the coronavirus in April, has actually begun losing hair also.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention does not list loss of hair as a sign of COVID-19, however some medical professionals have actually seen the condition amongst their patients.

“It tends to be in people who have pretty severe cases that we’ve seen it,” Dr Nate Favini, the …

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