As Snoop Dogg had promised earlier, he delivered it to the T. With the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA Championship, the famous rapper got a bunch of new body ink in order to celebrate the NBA title victory of the Lakers. After the Championship final, he met up with his tattooist friend, Mr. Cartoon, and got a pretty big ink on his forearm. 

The ink also contained the initials of Kobe Bryant on the wrist- along with the championship trophy of Larry Bird just above it. Most interestingly, the team logo for the Lakers was kept between the gates of Heaven. Needless to say, a pretty cool tattoo. But this simply shows Snoop Dogg’s love for the LA Lakers- who he has supported since Kobe’s time. 

At the tattooing parlor, Snoop Dogg was all praise for Mr. Cartoon, who has worked on other famous stars like Slim Thug, and 50 Cent. Speaking about him, Snoop mentioned how he was the best in the business, and there was no one else who would be doing his tattoos other than him. Soon after the session got over, Snoop Dogg decided to venture back to his home- pulling on his LA jersey and sauntering away. 

And lest we forget, a hearty congratulations to the LA Lakers for winning the NBA championship by defeating the Clippers in a hard-fought battle.