Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby

It is an honor for any player to play even a hundred games in a particular sport- imagine the adulation Sidney Crosby is accrediting for playing 1000 games. This NHL legend will be playing his thousandth match, for which most of his teammates- old and new, along with the staff have been asked to share some anecdotes that they might have with him.

Sidney Crosby’s Teammates Share Stories About Him

Several have come forward. Evgeni Malkin, one of Sidney Crosby’s oldest teammates from 2006 spoke about a moment in a game in 2007 where Crosby scored an impossible goal- simply because he was hungry for it. Malkin speaks about watching the entire moment when Crosby jumped, and then started pushing his skate to the edge. With a delightful little finish, he managed to end a goal drought. In yet another memory, Malkin mentioned how ‘Sid the Kid’ had turned into the king of the game- 15 years down the line. 

Kris Letang, his teammate since 2005 came forward with yet another nifty little story about the great NHL player. Crosby and Letang had a brief partnership in the game to score the match-winner of the 2016 Stanley Cup. No doubt it was a cherished moment for both of these greats. 

Next comes Jake Guentzel, one of his recent teammates since 2016, who mentioned that his best moment with Sidney Crosby would be the time the latter scored a Golden Goal. The young NHL player spoke about how it was a dream to watch and score that goal. If not for his skills in the game, Guentzel was also impressed by how Crosby came up to him on his first day and spoke to him. No doubt, this was a special moment for the junior player. 

What should strike the reader is that Sidney Crosby isn’t just an asset to his team- he is an asset to the sport as well. Not just a goal machine, but someone who knows how to back up the rear.