Canada tops America as world’s favorite workplace: RPT
Canada tops America as world’s favorite workplace: RPT

Here is a Quick Overview of What We’ll Be Going Over in This Post: 

  • The importance of NAD+ 
  • How NAD+ Precursors (NMN or NR) are not pure NAD+, but can convert into NAD+ after consumption 
  • Pure NAD+ administration methods such as NAD+ IVs, NAD+ Patches, & NAD+ Injections  
  • When to use pure NAD+ or with precursors 

What Makes NAD+ So Important? 

A prominent longevity expert, Dr. David Sinclair, stated that“…without it, you’re dead in 30 seconds.” NAD+ plays a vital role in a myriad of fundamental biological processes such as including DNA repair and synthesis, gene expression, cell signaling, and metabolism regulation, among other things. In other words, all life would cease to exist without the presence of NAD+.  

With aging, there is a significant reduction in NAD+ levels throughout our cells and tissues. This has also been reinforced by James Clement (2). A decrease in NAD+ levels can accelerate the overall aging process, thereby reducing our lifespan (3). This is why replenishing and maintaining NAD+ levels is so vital. 

You can boost NAD+ can either be reduced directly, with the use of NAD+ precursors, or a combination of both.  

In our discussion today, we will be looking at various techniques for boosting NAD+ and will look at usage recommendations.  

What NAD+ Precursors Are And Why They Are Used.  

One simple and common way to supplement NAD+ is through the use of NAD+ precursors like Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) or Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). One reputable brand that sells an NMN supplement is Tru Niagen. Elysium is also a well-known brand that produces a popular NR Supplement called Basis. A Precursor facilitates the conversion of a compound that isn’t actually NAD+ into NAD, soon after ingesting it. 

So, why should you use a precursor pill (such as NMN) instead of pure NAD+ pills? The main reason behind this is to avoid the pure NAD+ from being destroyed by the stomach acid in our body. NAD+ precursors survive digestion and can later be converted to NAD+ via their own respective pathways. Supplementing NAD+ pills with NR leads to an increase of NAD+ levels by 40%.  

Methods for Administering Pure NAD+  

There are alternative methods for directly boosting NAD+ with pure products that do not require precursors or pills later changing into NAD+. Some of these alternatives are Intravenous (IV) NAD+ applications, NAD+ Iontophoresis Patches, and NAD+ Subcutaneous Injections. All three  

methods can bypass the stomach, therefore effectively and safely deliver NAD+ straight into the bloodstream.  

NAD+ IV: While NAD+ IV proves to be an exceptionally effective and potent way for boosting NAD+ levels, it is invasive and also very expensive, with a single infusion costing hundreds of dollars. This can make this option inconvenient, time-consuming, and out of reach for many people. Sitting around with an IV stuck inside your arm is just as bad as being at the DMV for a driver’s license renewal. 

NAD+ Patches and NAD+ Subcutaneous Injections are two other very effective (and somewhat convenient!) ways to increase the NAD+ levels in your body— also at a fraction of the cost and without the host of inconveniences that come with NAD+ IV  

NAD+ Patches:  Somewhat still in infancy, NAD+ Patches are the latest offerings that utilize special iontophoresis patches that use skin absorption as a pathway for delivering NAD+ directly into the bloodstream. Betterhumans founder, James Clement demonstrated that wearing NAD+ patches once a week for four hours at a time can boost NAD+ levels by up to 5x. 

NAD+ Subcutaneous Injections: like insulin injections, NAD+ subcutaneous injections can easily be self-administered at home. The doses can also be tweaked and adjusted by users to what they think works best for them. And while this approach may not be everybody’s cup of tea, many users have reported finding this as a convenient and effective method for elevating and maintaining their NAD+ levels. 

AgelessRx has worked with numerous clients who tried NAD+ IV and experienced many astonishing benefits, ranging from increased energy, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, lessen depression, and faster injury healing and post-workout recuperation. Some of these users also shifted to NAD+ Patches or NAD+ injections in order to maintain their NAD+ levels.  

Combining NAD+ With Precursors 

There is also one approach where NAD+ Patches or Injections are administered weekly, while NAD+ precursors, such as NMN or NR, as used daily as maintenance supplements. And though this routine is being followed by a few people, many users think of it as a bit redundant and overboard.  

Some people report that the simple routine of using the NAD+ Patch or Injection once a week regularly seems to work even better for them. This option also proves to be more cost-effective as compared to using injections, patches, and precursors altogether.  

Other Helpful NAD+ Resources 

James Clement uses his seasoned expertise to shed more light on this at a great interview on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee. He stressed on the importance of NAD+ in a recent interview, suggesting: “…By the time you’re 60, it’s [NAD+ levels] maybe 50% of what it was when you were in your 20’s and 30’s, and then by the time you’re 70, it’s 10% and then at 80, there’s almost none–you can see how this huge build-up of damaged DNA in every cell of your body is potentially one of the driving forces of these morbidities that you see with aging, heart disease, cancer [and] Alzheimer’s”. 

Connecting The Dots and Summing it All Up 

NAD+ converts nutrients into energy and is a vital component that we require for producing energy via metabolism. Quite simply, we cannot exist without it. 

NAD+ encourages DNA repair, and NAD+ reduction is linked with the DNA damage 

Many people use precursors (NMN and NR) to facilitate the survival of NAD+ pills in the stomach 

NAD+ Injections, Patches, and Infusions are all alternative routes that can boost NAD+ levels with or without precursors. 

We can reap the benefits of NAD+ by using both NAD+ Patches and Injections weekly and using precursors as a daily maintenance dose.  

NAD+ IVs are a highly effective and potent way to elevate NAD+ levels but can be pricey and inconvenient. 

NAD+ patches and subcutaneous injections are a more convenient and wallet-friendly option that can help you achieve heightened NAD+ levels from the comfort of your home.