In Seattle, there were sounds of shots heard and recorded on security cameras. The police also arrived at the scene. But unfortunately, according to the police, a violent crowd of protesters did not allow them to enter the spot and save the victims. Eventually, one of the 19-year-old male – the victim of the shooting – succumbed to his injuries, while the other is battling the injuries. The shooter is still at large and remains unidentified. 

The video footage that has been captured is showing that the police, with their shields and protective gear, are trying to move against the crowd. They are also requesting the crowd to move away so that they can quickly reach the area and get the victim the proper aid. 

One of the protesters is heard saying the victim is gone and that the police do not belong in that area. 

Another clip that shows the next part of the incident shows the police leave. Protesters were still shouting at them but some of the other protesters were trying to hold them back, giving the police safe access to their respective vehicles. 

The police had boarded up the East Precinct building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood after the tensions with demonstrators reached such a boiling point that they had to vacate it. 

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best denied all claims that suggested that her department was instructed not to respond to 911 calls. Best mentioned that they were responding to all calls. The atmosphere however showed people both in meditation and carrying firearms.