Shifting Your Assessments To Grow Higher-Level Thinking –

by Beckie Stobaugh, TeachThought PD Workshop Facilitator

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As a brand-new principal, I sat at my desk evaluating class assessments and I dropped my head in discouragement.

It was not surprising that our trainees were getting high marks on class assessments– nearly all the concerns needed trainees to remember remembered details. However, our state evaluation and material requirements required greater levels of thinking. Due to this misalignment, our school results on the state evaluation were expectedly low.

Often, instructors produce assessments at a Remember level, the most affordable level of thinking in Bloom’s taxonomy (Anderson & & Krathwohl 2001). Madaus, West, Harmon, Lomax, and Viator (1992) figured out that just 3 percent of evaluation products on tests represented high- level conceptual understanding and just about 5 percent of the overall products tested examined greater- level thinking abilities of any type. The other ninety- 5 percent of products tested included low- level abilities of remembering details, determining, and utilizing solutions to resolve regular issues comparable to issues operated in the book or in class. These outcomes are echoed by Goodlad (2004), who reported that ninety percent of the time in schools, instructors passed on details …

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