Sherri Papini

Sherri Papini said she was kidnapped while living in Redding, California, more than five years ago.

Papini, who is known as a celebrity mother, said that she was kidnapped in her rural community by “two Hispanic ladies.” The 39-year-old has since revealed it was all a lie.

Papini’s lawyer, William Portanova, verified her client’s detention on March 3 by federal investigators. Sherri Papini agreed to plead guilty to charges of lying to a federal officer and mail fraud in exchange for a reduced sentence. Papini’s deception began on November 2, 2016, when she claimed that two armed Hispanic women tortured, beaten, and shackled her in a bedroom.

Sherri Papini Claims That It Was All Fabricated

She was discovered in a parking lot on Thanksgiving Day, 22 days later. The people of Redding spent days looking for her.

The DOJ decided that Papini lied about her kidnapping after conducting an investigation.

“In reality, Papini had willingly stayed with a previous boyfriend in Costa Mesa and had hurt herself to corroborate her fraudulent assertions,” Department of Justice officials stated following her arrest.

“Not only did the 22-day search for Sherri Papini and the ensuing five-year hunt for who allegedly abducted her drain public resources, but it also made the general public scared for their own safety,” Shasta County Sheriff Michael L. Johnson stated. There’s no indication that Sherri Papini’s marriage is finished in the public eye. Keith, Papini’s spouse, is still married to Sherri, according to every lead. Keith worked as an Audio-Video Expert at a Best Buy shop. Keith and Sherri have two children together.

When her wife staged the kidnapping, Keith phoned the daycare right away to find out that Sherri never had gone there to pick up the kids.