Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is a famous singer of the modern era. He has produced a lot of hit tracks recently. One of his hits, ” Senorita” became very popular all over the world. The song garnered a huge revenue and still ranks high on the charts.

However, Shawn does not seem to be in a good spot at the moment. He was involved in a romantic relationship with Camilla Cabello. They were termed as one of the best couples in Hollywood. In the most unfortunate turn of events, both the singers decided to part ways.

They announced their breakup in 2022 much to the shock of the audience. Shawn stated that he is having a horrid time after the breakup. Shawn posted a video on his Instagram handle stating how difficult it was to live life without Camilla.

Shawn reflected that there was no one to call when he felt low or when he had a panic attack. The thought of being alone scared the singer significantly. Shawn Mendes also released a new single titled, “When You Are Gone”.

The single portrays the time after the couple broke up. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Shawn Mendes Informed Camilla Cabello About His New Single 

Shawn Mendes recently appeared in an interview for the promotion of his latest single. He told the press that he wanted to be completely transparent with his ex.

Shawn agreed with the fact that ” When You Are Gone” involves reflection on their tragic breakup. 

However, Shawn Mendes felt that Camilla deserved to know that he was composing a song involving their ratio.

Mendes stated that he is learning to calm his nerves down and get over the breakup. The singer is using meditation as an effective method to heal his mind.