Move over Mozart, below comes SteliosKerasidis A seven-year-old Greek prodigy has actually penciled an “isolation waltz” motivated by the pandemic.

The hypnotic, fugue-like tune has actually grabbed greater than 43,000 hits on YouTube given that its launch recently.

“Hi guys! I’m Stelios. Let’s be just a teeny bit more patient and we will soon be out swimming in the sea,” he beams, set down on his piano feces, feet hardly touching the flooring. “I’m dedicating to you a piece of my own.”

The job, his 3rd structure, was created specifically “for people who suffer and those who isolate because of Covid-19,” he includes.

Stelios Kerasidis’s IsolationWaltz

Born in Athens in 2012 to Fotis and also Agathe Kerasidis, both pianists that currently instruct him, Stelios initial done in public at the age of 3.

In 2018 he played Chopin’s Waltz in A Minor at New York’s Carnegie Hall, and also in 2014 he showed up at London’s Royal Albert Hall carrying out on Elton John’s well-known red piano.

Stelios states his favorite pianist is the late Canadian Glenn Gould, best understood for his practically requiring performances of Bach variants.

The Greek has actually revealed a flare for making up. His 2 earlier jobs were created for his siblings, Veronica and also Anastasia, and also like Isolation Waltz were met crucial recognition.

Greece has actually been under lockdown for longer than a lot of various other European countries, the federal government having actually shut institutions practically a month back. Last week the federal government introduced that swimming was additionally prohibited as the steps were increase.

The preventive actions seem functioning: Greece has actually reported 79 fatalities and also less than 1,800 verified coronavirus situations, much less than a few other nations.

Stelios, that is most likely to be homebound for time yet, has actually not hinted whether he has one more structure up his sleeve.

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