Serena Williams
Serena Williams

In the ongoing Australian Open tournament, Serena Williams beat Simona Halep this Tuesday, February 16th to set herself up for the semifinals against Naomi Osaka.

Serena Williams won in a 6-3 game in the quarterfinals against Simona Halep but reveals that she expects the game to get tougher from here on, now that she is to go up against Naomi Osaka for the semifinals. The same was revealed by Osaka earlier in an interview on Tuesday. She revealed that she never looks at her draw but this time she was especially informed about her next opponent.

She further adds that since it’s Serena opposite her, she definitely feels “intimidated”. She says, “I feel really intimidated when I see her on the other side of the court.” However, what does this tell us about Williams’ chances to pull the odds in her favor during the semifinals?

Serena Williams Beats Simona Halep To Lead The Quarterfinals

Serena Williams kicked off the quarterfinals against Halep wonderfully. However, she was struggling in the initial stages of the second round. She played in the front during the first round but had to wrestle her way to cover the 3-1 lag that she faced in the beginning of the second round.

It was not an easy task to win against last year’s winner Simona Halep. Williams made one mistake in the beginning after which she pointed at her racket to indicate that it was not her fault entirely. Her racket strings seemed to cause her problems throughout the game. Once, she turned to the audience box to mouth the question, “What is happening?”

But eventually Serena Williams managed to take back the lead after a long 13-shot rally. Williams noted later in an interview that it was the most interesting game that she has played in this tournament till now.