House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has come under attack from Republican Senator Tim Scott after House Democrats blocked funding to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Small Business Administration after its $349m ran out.

Calling it a serious situation, Scott is quoted to have said, “We shouldn’t have a lapse in funding for the PPP (Paycheck Protection Plan) program. We should tell Ms. Nancy Pelosi, please give us our paychecks. People need their paychecks. And stop holding it hostage in order to do something else.”

Saying that he hopes that the House can agree on a package that’s agreeable, he emphatically stated that “Tuesday (as soon as the) the Democrats pass it”, and one minute later we start refunding, replenishing the supply of the Paycheck Protection Program.”

Senator Scott also stated that many members of Congress have been getting phone calls from people demanding that they “get their act together” as this lack of funding was hurting their lives. 

After “warning” the house of the depletion of funds, McConnell had attempted a “clean” funding bill to replenish it. But “here’s where we are, a week later, with absolutely no progress. This morning, the program ran out of money and shut down, just as I warned a week ago,” continued McConnell.