Senate Republicans increasingly attempt to set themselves apart from President Trump as Election Day nears.

According to recent poll figures, the scales are tipped against the Republicans. This puts Democrats and their presidential nominee Joe Biden at an advantageous position just weeks before the big day.

Major Senate Republicans Distancing From Trump

Major Senate Republican leaders are distancing themselves from the President. Mitch McConnell and Senator John Cornyn announced that the current administration has provided a botched response to the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

On another note, Susan Collins and Senator Lindsey Graham dissociated with President Trump on his decision to call off the second stimulus package negotiations along with others like Ron Johnson and Mark Kirk.

Thom Tills, another Republican, who later contracted the virus, produced an apology for going to a White House event without a mask.

Republicans Evade Question On Trump Support

Senator Martha McSally repeatedly evaded answering the question of whether she felt proud of her support for President Trump. This happened at a debate last week where the Senator constantly answered that she was proud to be fighting for Arizonans rather than directly for President Trump.

Two Senate Republicans were the harshest to President Trump, namely, Kelly Ayotte and Mark Kirk who lost their seats in the 2016 elections after condemning Trump.

The upcoming election seems like a tightrope and Ken Spain, a Republican strategist, mentions that if Republicans have to dissociate themselves from President Trump at this stage, they’re probably in trouble.