Senator of Texas, Ted Cruz is currently heading a bipartisan effort to bypass the alliance between the US and China, where drugs and medicines are in question, and instead, build up a synergy with Israel.

Cruz along with Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del is now looking forward to a $12 million allotment, which will help companies of the two countries to collaborate. It will be an initiative for developing innovative COVID-19 tests and treatment-related medical projects.

Senator further said that Israel “is not only our friend and ally, but also a global leader in medicine with which we already cooperate on exactly those issues”.

The middle-east country has quite a reputed medical industry, and already the treatment from Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. has been proven 100% successful against the disease. So, Cruz is quite optimistic about the collaboration and hopes that the medical capability of the two countries will defeat the pandemic.

As reported by Yahoo Finance, he also emphasized that it is time to re-assess the relationship between the US and China and bring in some fundamental changes.