The Need to help the Poor in the Society

I know that most strict Christians would reject anything which sounds secular on the face value. But let’s look at it in deep sense; there is a charitable event in which the church needs to raise some money for the less privileged people in the society- the physically or mentally challenged, victims of disasters, the poor, the homeless etc. it is advisable in such circumstances for the church to receive donations from people who do not profess to any religion. I want to mean people whom the society may view as secular and whose opinions do not count in the church?

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with receiving a donation or any help of any kind for that matter from any one. I believe that human beings were created to help each other along the struggles that face us in life. Therefore being a Christian and who has consistently been part of charitable events which are geared at helping the less fortunate people in the society, I was ready to be part of the group which helped raise cash on the 23rd of Jan, 2009 at Universal City, Calif. among notable guests were the Kardashians- Kim, Khloe and Roberts Jr. There were also other Hollywood guests at the function.

Away from any religious inclinations, we all need to take care of those that ‘have not’ in the society. For instance, this fund drives was part of an initiative that begun in form more than two decade ago by the catholic church in Armenia in their quest to build and home for the orphans and consequently help them in their life. Since the start of the program, thousands of children were beneficiaries of the sponsorship programs which helped them shape their lives. According to me, there was no reason why the Kardashians or any other person could not have been invited to participate in such a commendable act. They too are humans and parts of the entire human fraternity in the world save from their personal life or opinions that they believe in.

Fundraising for those in Dire Need

There are many critics, especially from the media and other churches who condemned the move after the event, but I believe that they were greatly misguided on the need of humanity to come together in alleviating the pain that our fellow human being suffer. We all need to be there for each other and watch each other’s back.

That’s why even though my fellow friends and believers shunned the event, I felt that I needed to attend it. It is more of giving back to the society what has been endowed to you; Just being humanely. It is an obligation which doesn’t lie just the governing bodies of our different countries but to all those who are capable of lending a helping hand.

As you will agree with me, 2009 was one year in which there were major economic hardships. Various industries experienced economic regression and any aid coming from whichever source at that period was very crucial especially given that it was to assist the orphaned. The worst thing about such kind of hardships is that they deter people from helping. Many humans feel a pinch they are giving during such times because they too are in position when whatever the little they have is not enough to cater for their expenses.

The event was lovely though, especially at the point where the Kardashians came forward to donate their contributions as a family in honor of their late father. There were many guests and photographers who were there to capture those beautiful times.

Other guests also graced the event which was colorful and lively and at the end help to net over $90,000 which was to help the orphanage. The event was summed up by the address of the archbishops who spoke about all humans sharing a common God and therefore we are all obligated in helping each other despite the difference in religious beliefs and inclinations

The evening ended with the performances from Elvis who impersonated Harry Shahoian and Dean Martin who impersonated Mark Varabian. It was a really wonderful event.