Sean Penn
Sean Penn

Sean Penn is one of the biggest stars in America at the moment. He is one of the most versatile actors of the current generation. Penn’s unique style of acting has made him stand out from the rest. The actor has garnered a number of awards for his exceptional acting prowess. Unfortunately, all is not well with his personal life.

Sean married Leila George in the year 2020. The duo started dating in 2016 and eventually got married. The couple had a quiet and secret wedding. Both Sean and George surprised their fans after revealing the news of their marriage in July. The couple stated that the marriage took place amidst the covid pandemic.

Thus, everything was kept to a minimum. According to reports, the couple did not even have a physical ceremony. The commissioner guided the couple through the rituals via an interactive platform online.

However, things seemed to fall apart just months after the duo tied the knot. The indifferences started growing between the couple leading to a failed marriage. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Sean Penn Divorces Wife Within Two Years Of Marriage 

Sean Penn has finalized the legal procedures of divorce with wife Leila George. The suit was filed by George in the month of October.

As per reports, the couple started living separately as early as September. The main reason stated for their divorce is the huge differences in opinion between the two.

The official statement referred to their ratio as “irreconcilable differences”. 

The divorce was finalized recently by a judge. All the paperwork has been done and handed over to Sean Penn and Leila George.

This was one of the shortest weddings of a celebrity in recent years. Fans have asked the actor to stay strong.