Scared of Corona Virus, a Man Brackets His Wife in the Bathroom

Scared of Corona Virus, a Man Brackets His Wife in the Bathroom

Lithuania, REPORTER.AM – A man in Lithuania reportedly locked his wife in the bathroom after he feared she had contracted the corona virus.

Police were called to the couple’s apartment in Vilnius, after the woman called to ask for help because the husband had locked it.

The strange incident occurred after the man found out his wife had met a Chinese citizen who had just returned from Italy.

Reported by the Daily Mirror Tuesday (3/3/2020), Italy is a country with the largest corona virus infection cases in the European Continent.

The man who did not mention his identity claimed, he locked his wife in the bathroom in accordance with health instructions received.

The police explained, the husband claimed he had “consulted with a doctor” regarding the prevention of the virus originating from Wuhan, China.

Lithuanian Ministry of Health announced the first case of the virus with the official name SARS-Cov-2 on Friday last week (02/28/2020).

Since the announcement, the government said it had deployed troops at airports and borders to prevent the development of the corona virus.

The wife who was also not mentioned by name was reported to undergo examination according to the applicable procedure, where the results that came out were negative.

After undergoing the investigation, police said they had not made a detention, with the wife also not filing a lawsuit against her husband.

The virus that causes the disease named Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan in late December.

Since then, more than 91,000 people have been infected with the corona virus.

Even so, more than half, which is 48,000, was declared cured.