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“Some really good fighters are available to fight Canelo in September and that’s what we are working on now”

Last Updated: 09/07/20 10:06pm

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez “wants to fight the best” and British couple Callum Smith and John Ryder have a “very good chance” of getting the opportunity to deal with him, claims Golden Boy president Eric Gomez.

The Mexican celebrity is thinking of opponents regarding September 14 in Las Vegas in a behind-closed-doors place and “wants the top guys that are available”.

Billy Joe Saunders, who keeps the WBO super-middleweight name, withdrew coming from the running citing deficiencies in preparation moment and Gomez reacted: “Some champions are not available.”

But mentioned whether Canelo could deal with a Brit in Smith or Ryder, promoter Gomez exclusively told Sky Sports: “There is a very good chance. There are a couple of guys we are looking at as a possibility.”

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Callum Smith edged John Ryder in a world title fight last year

Callum Smith edged John Ryder in a world name fight this past year

Smith is the unbeaten WBA super-middleweight winner who directly beat Ryder last year.

But Gomez acknowledged that a US-based opposition would be “easier”, adding: “We don’t have to package with virtually any visa constraints that have been made by the government. If there is a person already in this article in the US? That helps.

“It much more difficult right now because of the restrictions. The borders aren’t all open up so it isn’t very easy to provide some competitors to the US.

“It will depend on the negotiations. We are not residing in the world that individuals lived in last year. Canelo will be having a significant pay-cut.

“It depends on the negotiations.

“Anybody ready to come to the table and be affordable, he may fight.

“We are not discarding any of the top guys.”

Sergiy Derevyanchenko and David Lemieux, both ex-opponents of Gennadiy Golovkin, will also be options for Canelo’s next combat.

“The top-ranked guys and a few champions that are out there,” is just how Gomez defined the short-list of options.

He added: “If you look in Canelo’s profession, he offers always wanted to be able to fight the best and it’s simply no different in this article, he even now wants to combat the finest.

“But some genuinely good practitioners are available to be able to fight Canelo in September and that is what we work on right now.

“We’re talking to him or her and showing different delete word him to fight in September.

“The huge concern that will he offers is the protocols. If he fights in September, there will be zero fans. We are in communication with him and soon he will make a choice – really does he wish to fight with out fans or even wait until there exists some sort of normalcy again?

“Canelo is actually a young man in his primary years and he would like to take advantage of the fact that he can still combat at an advanced. To have a year away would be really damaging in his primary. That will be the inspiration.

“He wants to keep proving that he is the best fighter in the world.”

Canelo (R) has beaten Callum Smith's brother Liam

Canelo (R) offers beaten Callum Smith’s sibling Liam

Canelo KO'd Amir Khan

Canelo KO’d Amir Khan

After Saunders withdrew themself, Smith’s coach Joe Gallagher told Sky Sports: “It’s supposed to happen to be a two-horse race, had not been it? Now he’s drawing himself from the jawhorse, Canelo offers no reason now, but for fight Callum Smith.

“If that date and opportunity is put to Callum Smith, he’s ready to go.”

Ryder told Sky Sports: “There’s a few brands in the hat. Hopefully my name is in the best and this gets chosen.

“Listen, he’s looking for an opponent, and I know the money is not there for these big shows. It’s a chance in a lifetime, I’m up for it.”

Ryder’s coach Tony Sims told Sky Sports: “I know that Canelo and Eddy Reynoso, their trainer, observed the Callum Smith-John Ryder fight and Eddy Reynoso tweeted right afterwards that will he experienced John succeeding the combat by a number of rounds.

“He really put out at this time there that John should be the world winner, so they understand all about John Ryder in any case.

“Canelo is obviously the world’s finest. I believe he’s the tour’s best pound-for-pound, especially in the tiny. He’s a fantastic fighter.”

Canelo offers held significant belts in four partitions, most recently bumping out WBO light-heavyweight winner Sergey Kovalev.

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