Sarah Fuller
Sarah Fuller

Sarah Fuller is the first-ever woman who has scored in the conference football game of Power 5 by kicking additional points in a clean manner for her team, Vanderbilt during the 42-17 loss match against Tennessee on 12th December, Saturday.

During the women’s soccer Southeastern Conference, Fuller, the goalkeeper of her team managed to score both the kicks as her family and teammates kept cheering for her.

Sarah Fuller’s Match Analysis

During an after-match press conference, Fuller stated that she has been going through a lot of self-doubts very recently and wondered if she has the ability and talent for the game. She also spoke about the questions that were raised regarding her gender which she seemed to accept in an appreciative manner.

However, she is grateful to have been treated as a respectable athlete by one and all, and that was more than what she hoped for.

Sarah Fuller made her historic kick during the very first quarter of the match while there were only 1 minute and 50 seconds remaining for the whistle to blow.

Fuller made an entry to attempt to acquire the additional point while she was at the second spot out of the 3 kickers available to take the shot according to the depth chart.

Fuller is 6ft 2inches in height and deposited the ball across the uprights that led to a tie in the match at 7. Following this, she celebrated this kick by drawing the fist and ultimately giving high-fives to her teammates.

Ultimately she left the field with a huge smile on her face while her family waved at her from the stands. Chris Garner, center judge, assuredly gave the ball to Fuller that brought it to her sideline.

Vanderbilt gave Sarah Fuller a second chance at 7:22 to go and she got the extra point as Commodores concluded at 35-17.